Friday, February 11, 2011

Mid February and the miles are building

It's now 10 weeks till the 24 mile Tampa swim and training going better than expected, although my body is reminding me that I'm 51 and not 30 anymore...more recovery time is required after 25-30 mile weeks!!!
Speed is increasing and the Endless pool is getting its' own workout as I'm getting in an average of 3.75-4 miles at leat 4 days a week and sometimes an extra 3 in the evening after work..
I've even added some "wall bouncing" (swimming in a regular 25 yard or meter pool) to the regime this time and it's nice to see that I can still hold some good intervals...albeit, my legs hurt the next day from pushing off the walls!!!!
Recent shark sighting at La Jolla Cove will not stop this marathon swimmer.
One recent development was my "Swimman" MP3 player crashing and burning, and I had 2 weeks of no music whilst swimming...suprisingly, the workouts went by quickly as I had no reference to time...when I hear songs, I have an idea of how long I'm swimming...but I did get the new 3rd generation Swimman last week and have loaded up 10 hours of music.

Finally, I've made the ULTIMATE sacrifice for the swim....I'm NOT going to see YES on the mini tour in worried of missing training days and getting sick from airplane air......Just hope they are out West some time after the swim.....88 YESSHOWS and counting...was hoping to see 100 before they end...but a new YES CD is due this summer...

And may head over to Gibraltar to help my fellow marathoner and crew mate, Scott Coleman, this summer in his quest to swim the Gibraltar Strait...

Float your climb!!!

Scott "the Yesdoc" Richards, MD

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