Tuesday, August 9, 2011

T. Scott Coleman, another Pine Crest alum, and his Gibraltar Strait Swim Sucess!!!

I am pleased to announce that T. Scott Coleman, age 57 with Insulin Dependant Diabetes, has added another major swim to his already impressive resume!!

He crossed the Gibraltar Strait on Monday morning, 08 August 2011, in 4 hrs, 2 minutes and 58 seconds.

He had stellar conditions for the first 1/2 of the swim with escorts of dolphin pods, Pilot whales, sun fish and even some 30' "other" whales below him.

The wind kicked up the 2nd half of the swim (today it was back up to gusts of 25-30 knots with terrible chop),but he powered through to become what appears to be the fastest time for an Insulin Dependant Diabetic person to swim Gibraltar.

This adds to his past succsses of the English Channel, Catalina Channel, MIMS, Cook Strait (New Zealand), Tampa Bay 24 mile swim, Long Island Sound, around Key West and Masters open water national champhionship(and others I'm certain that I've omitted).

At age 57 and with his medical issues, he is a true and "real" testimony that age is just a number.

I was honored to be the MD and crew member for Scott's swim yesterday, but he needed no assistance or care as he truly knows his body and diabetes..His blood sugars were spot on at the end of his swim.

He was bummed that he didn't break 4 hrs, but the last hour proved to be a challenge as the wind kicked up and at the end, the current off the Coast of Africa was running at 2.5 knots/hr and he really showed grit powering through to Morocco.

It was full circle for this year as he was crew (along with my brother Dan Richards)for my 24 mile Tampa swim this past April and then he and I crewed for my brother's recent MIMS swim in June. This time Dan (my bro) and I were able to provide the support as crew. We all are graduates of Pine Crest Prep High School(Ft. Lauderdale, FLA-T. Scott Coleman '72, Dan Richards'74 and Scott Richards '77)and are proud to carry on the school's swimming tradition into our 50's!!!

His preparation was obvious from the start.

Way to go T. Scott Coleman!!!

On to new adventures for the future!

"At the end of the day, it's what you DO, not what you say" (and what you learn along the way)