Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tampa Bay-mission completed, albeit with a wounded right shoulder!!!

An excruciating swim was the result on 23 April 2011 in the Tampa Bay Marathon swim with water temperatures ranging from in the low to the mid 80's for the entire swim. Added to it was a right sided wave chop and wind from the right for the first 5 hours and it was apparent very quickly that a fast swim was not to be in the cards...10 hours and 35 minutes after the starting wistle, I climbed onto the Ben T. Davis beach to add the American Triple Crown (Tampa, Manhattan, Catalina) to the list of swims over the some ways, this was the most difficult due the heat, the waves and especially over the last 6 miles when my right shoulder began to "give out" was like dragging a broken log every time I tried to breathe to the right, and the first time in many years that I was not able to respond to my crew's cries of "now pick it up and catch some people"....I could see the boats in front of me, but had NOTHING left in the tank!!!
I was 6th overall despite my "broken right wing"!!!!
And with a busy 10 days of travel, reunions and 1000 miles of driving up and down the state of Florida the week earlier, I can now, 4 days later, feel a sense of accopmlishment and relief.....

This was a swim that I feel "validates" my past 45 year swimming career. Being a success in the hot conditions, my past pool and water polo successs as youth and then my adult masters and cold marathons makes me feel that I can say with veracity.....I AM A COMPLETE SWIMMER!!!!

Who knows if there will be more swims in the future?????

But for today, I look forward to the relaxation of being a "pleasure swimmer", support crew and "coach" Richards......A well earned "vacation" from the high intensity is now in place.

I came "home" to Florida and added the longest USMS swim to the list.....

Mission completed.....

Blessings to All!!!

Now on to some summer Yes concerts and a new CD!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tampa Bay Marathon is here!!!!

Less than 24 hours till the start of the 24 miles of swimming up the Tampa here a few days ago after being in South Florida visiting family/friends and it is HOT!!!! It's been 10 degrees above the average for April.....conditions for Saturday are water temp at 78, air will be 85-88!!!!! Hydrate, hydrate and the more hydration are the key......Will be very glas to have this chapter of swims in the rear view mirror...Happy Easter to all!!!!
Wish me the best with prayers for a safe swim...